Economic Empowerment Program

The lack of access to credit affects the true empowerment of women everywhere in the world. This is the same for the women in this community of Donyo Sabuk. In many third world countries, people are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Having little or no access to education, they are reduced to working menial jobs for a dollar or two per day. Many of these jobs are mainly done by women. We believe that if women are given access to credit that they need then the purposes of transforming their families through small scale business to improve their social -economic status is ignited.
Our model borrows heavily from the Grameen model. In our micro-finance program women form groups where they co-guarantee each other and access loans from as little as $50 to a maximum of $300 maximum repayment period is usually broken down to one year before being transitioned out of the program. The process takes a maximum of three years where the women get to train about savings, record keeping, and finance management. Our on-site supervision includes help in picking a business, training in inventory and supply, monitoring adherence to a business plan, as well as mandatory quarterly business seminars among other capacities. We have partnered with Gnu foundation in the US which provides as with the seed grant capital.


$300 Support capacity building training for loan and savings group.
$3000 Supports revolving capital for women group  for 2 years
$6000 Supports one new loans and savings group for a 3 year project cycle.

Our Partners in Economic & Family Empowerment Program