Education Program

Residence, family income, along with gender are strong determinants to whether a Kenyan child in rural or urban slums areas will be in school or not. The situation is further compounded by the fact that teenage pregnancy and early marriage also has been a big factor in girl not transitioning. Kenya’s education system is structured on an 8-4-4 system although efforts are underway to reform the system. The system encourages 8 years in primary school which is basic and four years in secondary school and final four year under-graduate university program.
This however, is a tall order in our community in Donyo Sabuk , Nabalaki  and Korogocho  where many children don’t get a chance to get basic formal education and transit up to the under-graduate level. In our education program we offer scholarships for under-privileged children and our scholarship ranges from EARLY CHILD HOOD DEVELOPMENT, PRIMARY & SECONDARY SCHOOL & UNIVERSITY and MIDDLE LEVEL COLLEGE.


$20 Support a child with school supplies. Uniform, school shoes and a bag
$50 Support a school with a learning desk.
$200 Sponsor 1 child in a public secondary school for 1 year.
$500 Sponsor 1 child in a boarding secondary school for one year.
$3,000 Support 500 children with school uniforms for 1 year.
$8,000 Support construction of 1 classroom.

Our Education Partners