ICT Program

ICT Hubs growth across Africa has so far been seen as a nexus point for economic growth and ‘techprenuership’ development in Africa. In addition, these innovation spaces can be viewed as a catalyst for socio-economic development through creation of technology-led entrepreneurs and youth employment.
In Kenya, it is evident that majority of the ICT Hubs are concentrated in the capital city, Nairobi, where we currently have at least 16 innovation spaces ranging from; business incubators, pre-incubation spaces, hubs located in university institutions, knowledge centers, incubation spaces, maker labs and investments hubs.
It is clear that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have the potential to change old and new forms of economic activity. This can result in e-literate groups and unemployed youths having access to resources to develop solutions centered towards their community problems. Such groups would also be able to gain skills and knowledge through exchange of ideas and events and workshops.
 This are the aspirations and visions our organization are working towards achieving  an I-Lab in the rural Donyo community by accessing a platform for the youths and the community to learn basic and advanced computer skills program together with coding. Our primary focus is children in school, youths in and after secondary school and community members through our SOCIAL-BUSINESS MODEL


$20 Supports our IT lab with monthly electricity bill.
$50 Support one child and youth to access basic computer skills.
$3000 Support a 4 months coding workshop for children.
$8000 Support the organization to put up IT labs in

Our ICT Partners