Medical Care Program

Community health Insurance program started in January 2017. Its Establishment is founded on the basis of responding to families through provision of medical insurance and better livelihood.
In this program, we aim to assist families in Donyo community by acquiring registration to the NATIONAL HOSPITAL INSURANCE FUND better known as NHIF insurance cover to the most affected families with the highest risk of dangerous and chronic diseases and attract the highest level of medical services e.g. diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, kidney dialysis, injuries as an outcome of accidents among other outpatient and inpatient medical services. Our model is we enroll a family into a three year program with us. During the three year duration the family gets to undergoes life skills training and quarterly empowerment meetings on health, hygiene and entrepreneurship and then transitioned out of the program.


$180 Supports insurance cover for 1 family with an average of 7 members for 1 year.
$400 Support 1 health training (APR,AUG or OCT)
$1200 Support 3 health trainings in a year.
$10300 Supports the entire medical program per year.

Our Medical Care Partners